Thursday, May 30, 2013

Martine's smile makeover!

Martine underwent several months of dental treatment to achieve her new smile. This included several root canals, surgical crown lengthening of upper anteriors, full crowns on all upper teeth and 5 dental implants to replace missing teeth in her lower jaw.

Why was Martine a good candidate for these procedures?

Martine was a good candidate because she was motivated. She understood that she would get immediate temporary results but the final permanent restorations were highly technique sensitive and would require several months to achieve.


                      Before                                                                         After

How did you develop a plan for treating Martine's concerns?

Although Martine’s initial concern was the overall appearance of her smile, we had to make sure that a beautiful smile starts with function. After all, she needs to be comfortable eating. Treatment plans always start with the evaluation of the supporting structures, the bone and the gums. These form the foundation of a long lasting result. Once the gums, bone and the bite have past the test, a smile can be constructed that is natural and beautiful. In the mean time we were able to get Martine back her smile immediately with a temporary restoration that we could use to develop her long lasting smile.

Was her treatment out of the ordinary?

Absolutely! Although we are not strangers to complex cases such as Martine’s, each case of this magnitude has it’s own challenges. Any treatment that takes several months requires several disciplines in dentistry. In this case, the expertise of several specialists was called into play so the coordination of Martine’s primary care dentist was very important. This is made easier when all of the specialists are housed under one roof as they are at Dentistry on Dundas.

How long did Martine's transformation take?

The initial transformation was almost immediate but several treatments were required over a year period till we could reach our final goals.

What steps do these procedures involve?

Treatment planning, Treatment planning, Treatment planning! …..followed by a series of logical treatment steps keeping in mind that twists and turns may arise that require adaption and flexibility.

                 Before                                                                               After

Is there an ideal candidate for these procedures?

Martine and patients like her that are motivated are ideal for this type of treatment. They understand the insurance plans do not dictate what treatment is required, the patient and their dental health does.

Are there any at-home steps patients should follow after procedures like these?
As with anything manmade, how you take care of it plays a huge factor on any restorations longevity. After all, Gods work didn’t last forever either. So home care, regular visits to the dental office, paying attention to small problems quickly as they arise and protecting the restorations at night through use of a nightguard will go along way to extending the life and beauty of the smile we have created.
Treatment provided by Dr. Mark Librach and Specialists at Dentistry on Dundas
Dr. Jon Rapp                                        Dr. Chris Chen                                  Dr. Dana Levy  Endodontist                                          Oral Surgeon                                     Periodontist
Jonathan Mursic RDT,                                                      Connie
President of 5 Axis Dental                                         Treatment Coordinator

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