Thursday, May 30, 2013

Martine's smile makeover!

Martine underwent several months of dental treatment to achieve her new smile. This included several root canals, surgical crown lengthening of upper anteriors, full crowns on all upper teeth and 5 dental implants to replace missing teeth in her lower jaw.

Why was Martine a good candidate for these procedures?

Martine was a good candidate because she was motivated. She understood that she would get immediate temporary results but the final permanent restorations were highly technique sensitive and would require several months to achieve.


                      Before                                                                         After

How did you develop a plan for treating Martine's concerns?

Although Martine’s initial concern was the overall appearance of her smile, we had to make sure that a beautiful smile starts with function. After all, she needs to be comfortable eating. Treatment plans always start with the evaluation of the supporting structures, the bone and the gums. These form the foundation of a long lasting result. Once the gums, bone and the bite have past the test, a smile can be constructed that is natural and beautiful. In the mean time we were able to get Martine back her smile immediately with a temporary restoration that we could use to develop her long lasting smile.

Was her treatment out of the ordinary?

Absolutely! Although we are not strangers to complex cases such as Martine’s, each case of this magnitude has it’s own challenges. Any treatment that takes several months requires several disciplines in dentistry. In this case, the expertise of several specialists was called into play so the coordination of Martine’s primary care dentist was very important. This is made easier when all of the specialists are housed under one roof as they are at Dentistry on Dundas.

How long did Martine's transformation take?

The initial transformation was almost immediate but several treatments were required over a year period till we could reach our final goals.

What steps do these procedures involve?

Treatment planning, Treatment planning, Treatment planning! …..followed by a series of logical treatment steps keeping in mind that twists and turns may arise that require adaption and flexibility.

                 Before                                                                               After

Is there an ideal candidate for these procedures?

Martine and patients like her that are motivated are ideal for this type of treatment. They understand the insurance plans do not dictate what treatment is required, the patient and their dental health does.

Are there any at-home steps patients should follow after procedures like these?
As with anything manmade, how you take care of it plays a huge factor on any restorations longevity. After all, Gods work didn’t last forever either. So home care, regular visits to the dental office, paying attention to small problems quickly as they arise and protecting the restorations at night through use of a nightguard will go along way to extending the life and beauty of the smile we have created.
Treatment provided by Dr. Mark Librach and Specialists at Dentistry on Dundas
Dr. Jon Rapp                                        Dr. Chris Chen                                  Dr. Dana Levy  Endodontist                                          Oral Surgeon                                     Periodontist
Jonathan Mursic RDT,                                                      Connie
President of 5 Axis Dental                                         Treatment Coordinator

Monday, May 27, 2013

Going High Definition and 3D in Dentistry…

Cone Beam Technology has come to Durham!
Radiology in dentistry is changing. First there was digital radiographs and now Cone Beam technology.  Cone Beam allows us to take CT scan like images with a fraction of the exposure of conventional CT scans. The images are clear and three-dimensional.  Routinely, they allow us to map out bone for the exact placement of implants.  
In addition, they are useful for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) evaluation, preoperatively in the extraction of wisdom teeth, the detection of infections, tumors and cysts, and there are some applications in orthodontics, sleep apnea and root canal therapy.  

These machines have vastly improved treatment planning and diagnosis.  Previously, these scans could only be performed at the universities, hospitals or special clinics.  Now Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) is available at Dentistry on Dundas in Whitby.  
No more commuting to downtown Toronto to get started with treatment planning. All-in-all a great advancement in Patient care.
Mark Librach D.D.S.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Dentistry on Dundas Supports Local Events!

This past Saturday evening truly was "Spectacular, Spectacular", as our guests and sponsors, including RBC, Veridian, OPG, Flaherty Dow Elliot and McCarthy, dined and danced the nite away at the 8th Annual Hearts of Durham Fundraising Gala. Deer Creek radiated the sophistication of the late 1800's in Paris - Moulin Rouge - with stunning decor donated by Annie Lane & Around the Table. Guests shared laughs in the photo booth, compliments of Inside the Booth, while Deer Creek served up a delicious French inspired 3 course dinner as the wine donated by Lifford, The Vine and Colio flowed.

The professional staging and audio visual set up by CCR Solutions was the perfect setting for the festivities and live performances by Ryan Deadman, BMH Reality Entertainment and the duo of Kennedy Wilson and Michael Taggart, and we really could have danced all night to the tunes of DJ Matthew Beauchamp from Mobile Productions. Beautiful corset and top hat motif cookies by Frostings by Judy, cupcakes created by Cupcakes Creatives and another ever-so-popular candy buffet compliments of My Sweet Table, as well as coffee from Starbucks, were the perfect conclusion to another memorable year as we celebrated our 8th anniversary event.

Auction & raffle items included everything from Pink concert tickets to a stunning MAC cosmetic box, a full spa package from Hummingbird MediSpa, a day on the links including dinner at Royal Ashburn, amazing home decor packages, custom graphics in the room of your choice, dining packages and an opportunity to spend the the weekend taking in the sites and sounds of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Mind you this only scratches at the surface of all of the wonderful items donated to the event.
Our wonderful and enthusiastic volunteers added a certain "je ne sais quoi" and helped to keep the daytime set-up and the evening flowing smoothly.

Our Wishmakers including Jeff Coles of Schindler Canada, Durham Regional Police Association, Rocky Varcoe, Ian McCutcheon, Dr.'s Sean Perry & Andrew Brubacher and Ted Manikas touched and inspired us with their stories of what it meant to take on the task of raising funds to grant a wish for a child and just how they did it.

Thanks for your support Dentistry on Dundas! Hearts of Durham was able to present the Ontario Chapter of The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada with a cheque for over $112,000! That brings our 8 year total for local charities to almost $600,000! 
Thank you for joining us, supporting us and celebrating with us. We are so very fortunate to have friends, partners and sponsors like you and can't wait to set the wheels in motion for next year - when we partner with the the Durham Children's Aid Foundation.


Hearts of Durham


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Whitening/Bonding Dental Makeover! Letter from our patient

Since going through many dental procedures in my youth and needing to continue with good oral care, I couldn't be happier to have found Dr. Mark Librach. I have total trust in him. He shows the time and patience to help me fix my teeth; in a kind gentle way that works for me. I have been going to Dentistry on Dundas since 1999 and have never looked back. It took Dr. Mark Librach months to get my teeth in good shape; he slowly started to rebuild my teeth and my happiness. My teeth are at the point where they are naturally pain free and now shaped well.
I have never been happy with the colour of my teeth; they were mostly yellow to dark yellow. Although I have always tried to take care of my teeth, I could not make them any whiter on my own. I have dreamed of natural white teeth, to me teeth are the first thing I everyone notices. For years I have look at people with a great smile and wished my teeth were that nice. Then I finally decided to see what professional dental bleaching would do to give me my dream smile.

I decided used Night White; it takes a little bit longer since you leave the bleaching trays in for at least seven to eight hours, while you are sleeping. The trays feel very comfortable, since they are custom fitted to my mouth. You only need a few drops of solution in each tray each night and in about four to five days you will start to see the difference. The tips start to whiten and slowly move up to the gum line.

I have whitened about 4 shades and I am so happy with my new white teeth. It really is the focal point of a great smile! After achieving the results of my teeth whitening, it was time to address the gap in my front teeth. Dr. Librach closed this space perfectly with bonding and matched the whiter colour of my teeth.

I've had great experiences with Dr. Librach and the Dentistry on Dundas staff. When you walk in the front door you are greeted by an amazing front desk staff, they makes you feel special. Everyone there has a friendly outgoing personality and provide a professional experience. Dentistry on Dundas plays a huge roll in my daily life, since they have taught me how to care for my teeth and have guided me through many dental treatments to achieve my final goal. Dr. Librach is a great Dentist; his skills in dentistry are first rate in my opinion. I can say I made the right decision in 1999 and found my dental office for life.

Not everyone enjoys going to the Dentist, but you do need to maintain good oral health for a lifetime and Dentistry on Dundas sure make it the best it can be!

Sincerely Stephanie