Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Michelle's Dental Makeover!

Dr. Steven Millman explains Michelle's treatment plan....

Michelle's case is an excellent example of how we can use porcelain veneers to correct a person smile instantly without orthodontic treatment. 

The patient was very concerned with the symmetry of her smile and her mid-line being off. She also did not like the anatomical shape of her teeth.

                                                       Michelle before

A treatment plan was developed with the help of our lab technician Jonathan Murisac and our periodontist Dr. Dana Levy. Prior to treatment we created a wax mock-up of her smile in order to correct her concerns. Once the patient was able to visualize the changes we could  make to her smile, she accepted going ahead with this treatment.

The transformation was completed over a month of treatment. We started off by placing temporary veneers to correct the position of the gingival tissue and to create a symmetric smile. Once the patient was satisfied with the cosmetic result we then replaced the temporaries was permanent veneers. 

                                                           Michelle after

There are many potential patients that could benefit from this type of treatment. This is a relatively non-invasive treatment that can correct crooked misaligned teeth without orthodontic treatment. As you can see by the photos the cosmetic result was excellent. Both myself and the patient extremely pleased with the final results. 

The beautiful porcelain veneers can be easily maintained with routine brushing and flossing. We also highly recommend six month cleaning at the dental office with a skilled hygienist. 

From the Michelle....

1.     What made you decide to undergo these procedures?  Saw an orthodontist and due to the crowding of my teeth and the extended years of work that needed to be done they didn’t feel it was an good option for me at my age and I would not get the result I was looking for since I was missing the canine tooth. 

2.     Why did you choose Dentistry on Dundas/Dr. Millman?  He is my family dentist so didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere.

3.     What were your procedures like?  It was definitely time consuming, however this was due to my specific case as we were turning another tooth to appear to be a canine. Other than that, there was nothing intolerable. 

4.     How do you feel about your results?  Anyone who sees them think they look perfect and have had comments on how perfect they look from people who don’t know I had them done.  

                                                    Dr. Steven Millman