Monday, September 9, 2013

Carol's Dental Makeover!

Carol's treatment plan consisted of crown and bridgework on all upper teeth to achieve her new smile!
Why was (patient) a good candidate for these procedures?
Carol was a great candidate for this dental makeover.  She always has a great attitude and she needed a smile to compliment her personality.  She is out going and her personality lights up a room.  Now she has a smile to match.  In addition carol knows what it takes to maintain her beautiful smile. Great home care and regular visits to the dentist will ensure the longevity of her restorations.
            Before                                                                                Before

Was her treatment out of the ordinary?
Although Carol's treatment was not extraordinary in the complexity of the restoration, it was important to Carol that her smile was perfect.  As always, the attention to detail and symmetry was foremost when treatment planning her case. When the patients expectations and commitment to the outcome match those of the doctor's, the results can be amazing. It was my pleasure to work with Carol.

Treatment provided by Dr. Mark Librach at Dentistry on Dundas