Thursday, February 15, 2018

Meagan's orthodontic before and after photos!

Meagan went through orthodontic therapy with Dr. Librach to create her new beautiful and functional smile!

1. Why was Meagan a good candidate for orhtodontics?

Meagan was keen to have her straight teeth. She is a great listener and followed instructions well.  Her Oral hygiene was also good.

2. How did you develop a plan for treating Meagan?

Starting with all the appropriate records, including photos, x-rays, and models, a thorough exam is done. We can then devise a treatment plan that would correct both tooth position issues and underling skeletal problems. We then consult with the patient and her parents, taking into account all of their concerns. 


3. Was her treatment out of the ordinary?

There really isn't any "ordinary" cases.  They all are special and treatment plans are tailored to each patient.  Some are complex and others, like this one are less so.

4. How long did Meagan's transformation take?

Her treatment plan was completed in 18 months.

5. What steps do these procedures involve?

She had six months of appliance therapy and twelve months of braces.

6. Is there an ideal candidate for these procedures?

A patient who is a good listener and follows instructions can vastly reduce the length of treatment.  Children who accept the responsibility for part of their treatment can accelerate the process and finish early. Good listeners who take responsibility for their own treatment and don't rely on their parents for day-to-day maintenance make the idea patients.


7. Are there any at-home steps patients should follow after procedures like these? 

Retention and oral hygiene are key to the long term success of any orthodontic treatment.  Retention is a lifelong endeavour as teeth are subject to changing forces as we age, any of which can affect the position of a tooth or many teeth.  Depending on the treatment done, full time retention (usually for one year) is required followed by night time wear there after.  Oral Hygiene is also key for the oral health of the patient.

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