Monday, November 25, 2013

A Christmas Gift from Dentistry on Dundas!

Every year the Dentistry on Dundas staff enjoy a much deserved retreat to a day spa. This occasion is so appreciated by all the staff, so to give back we have reached out to the Philippine people affected by Typhoon Haiyan by collecting a total of $800 for the Canadian Red Cross relief program and to sweeten the deal even more, the government is matching dollar- to-dollar. That is total donation of $1600! Dentistry on Dundas will be able to feed and comfort  a community of 3000 people for one month. Our donation is probably the best and only Christmas gift they will receive. Giving is the true essence of Christmas.

Here is what one of our staff, Rose,  had to say; "I am grateful to be a part of an organization that cares locally and globally. To Dentistry and Dundas Staff, on behalf of the Philippine people, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Here are some more fun pic's of the doctors with their gag gifts! Another Annual Tradition!

Canadians wishing to help individuals affected by this storm are encouraged to make a financial donation online, at their local Red Cross office or by calling 1-800-418-1111. Please earmark donations “Typhoon Haiyan”. Funds will be used to support Red Cross efforts in all countries affected by the storm. Click Here for more information

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Laurie's Dental Makeover!

Laurie underwent a few small dental treatments to achieve her new smile. This included teeth bleaching, surgical crown lengthening of upper anteriors and two crowns on her centrals.


Before                                                           After

Here what she had to say about her experience at
Dentistry on Dundas!
What made you decide to undergo these procedures?
I was embarrassed to smile. This was primarily due to the crown on my right front tooth; it was beginning to show some of its metal near the gum line. When I smiled too big, it would show.
Why did you choose Dentistry on Dundas/ Dr. Lanys?
I have been coming to Dentistry on Dundas and seeing Dr. Lanys for over 10 years. She is always very professional, understanding and I felt confident in her work.
What were your procedures like?
The first step was to whitening my teeth. Due to genetics, my family's teeth yellow with age. I felt like they were aging me and if I didn't get the whitening done before the front teeth were crowned it would no longer be an option in the future as they would continue to darken. Next we removed the old crown and Dr. Levy skillfully contoured my gum above my right crown to match the contours of the left front tooth. It had not developed in the same way as the other tooth, possible as a result of having a crown for so many years (I was 8 when I first chipped my front right tooth). I was stressed about the procedure going in, but Dr. Levy was so friendly and so reassuring throughout the procedure; I couldn't believe how easy it was. The aftermath was surprising too. I expected to be sore for a long time, but I really had minimal pain for only about a week. The last step was to crown my two front teeth to match. To get the colour perfect, Dr. Lanys sent me to her nearby lab (5 Axis) to have the colour matched to my newly whitened natural teeth. After that I returned to the office to have them permanently placed. Dr. Lanys takes great care to get good results. I really respect and appreciate that.
How do you feel about your results?
I am very happy with my results. I no longer hesitate to smile!
Treatment provided by Dr. Michelle Lanys Dentist
and Dr. Dana Levy Periodontist


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dr. Librach receives the Fellowship Award from the American College of Dentists!

We are pleased to announce, this past week Dr. Librach was honoured with a Fellowship Award from the American College of Dentists. The American College of Dentists (ACD) is the oldest major honorary organization for dentists. Its members have exemplified excellence through outstanding leadership and exceptional contributions to dentistry and society. In response to serious problems facing the profession, the American College of Dentists was founded August 20, 1920, by the then leaders of dentistry to elevate the standards of dentistry, to encourage graduate study, and to grant Fellowship to those who have done meritorious work. The American College of Dentists is nonprofit and apolitical, and has long been regarded as the "conscience of dentistry."
Congratulations Dr. Librach! This is such an honour!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dentistry on Dundas Scholarships!

We would like to congratulate all of the Dentistry on Dundas Scholarship recipients for the year 2012/2013!
Each scholarship is worth $500 and are awarded to one student from each Whitby area high school.
School                               Scholar
Father Leo. J. Austin         - Terrin Stachiw        
Sinclair Secondary            - Trevor Cluthe          
Anderson C.V.I.                 - Jasmin Lee
Henry St.                             -Alex Noble
EcoleCatholique                -Connor Dobson
ST-Charles Garnier          
All Saints Catholic Secondary - Lucas Escobar
Donald A Wilson                - Paige Graham

Monday, September 9, 2013

Carol's Dental Makeover!

Carol's treatment plan consisted of crown and bridgework on all upper teeth to achieve her new smile!
Why was (patient) a good candidate for these procedures?
Carol was a great candidate for this dental makeover.  She always has a great attitude and she needed a smile to compliment her personality.  She is out going and her personality lights up a room.  Now she has a smile to match.  In addition carol knows what it takes to maintain her beautiful smile. Great home care and regular visits to the dentist will ensure the longevity of her restorations.
            Before                                                                                Before

Was her treatment out of the ordinary?
Although Carol's treatment was not extraordinary in the complexity of the restoration, it was important to Carol that her smile was perfect.  As always, the attention to detail and symmetry was foremost when treatment planning her case. When the patients expectations and commitment to the outcome match those of the doctor's, the results can be amazing. It was my pleasure to work with Carol.

Treatment provided by Dr. Mark Librach at Dentistry on Dundas

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dentistry on Dundas Fireworks and Whitby Harbour Day!

Harbour Day and the Dentistry on Dundas Fireworks

Event Information
500 Victoria Street West Whitby, ON L1N 9G4
Whitby Harbour Day is a summer celebration of Whitby's historic harbour with fun for the whole family. The event highlights Whitby's harbour facilities including Port Whitby Marina and Whitby Yacht Club. The waterfront awaits visitors from Port Whitby Marina and Yacht Club to the Lions Promenade and the Waterfront Trail.

Whitby Harbour Day includes water ski shows, community and boating displays, arts and crafts, food vendors, Station Gallery kids program and Artists, children's activities and live entertainment.  Approximately 6,000 people attend this free event, which also includes public sailings aboard Tall Ship Empire Sandy,  a nautical Parade of Lights and spectacular Dentistry on Dundas fireworks.

To see more fireworks photo's go to our Facebook page.

2013 Event and Schedule

Saturday, July 27, 2013 - Noon - Dusk

Port Whitby Marina, 301 Watson Street, Whitby
Rotary Sunrise Lake Park and Pier,  269 Water Street
Whitby Yacht Club, 701 Gordon St.

Event Parking

Parking is available at the Whitby GO Station, just a short walk to Port Whitby Marina.

GO Event Shuttle

The free GO shuttle can be taken from the Whitby GO Station to Rotary Sunrise Lake Park and Pier for Lake Cruises through out the day, starting at 11:00 a.m. and running until 7:00 p.m. The shuttle will not be available for dinner cruise patrons. It is recommended that dinner cruise patrons park at one of the parking lots at the waterfront.

Tall Ship Empire Sandy Sails

Tall ship sails will depart from the Pier at Rotary Sunrise Lake Park which is at the foot of Brock Street South that becomes Water Street. Tickets will be available at the Gazebo located at the Pier on cruise day or in advance at the following Town of Whitby facilities starting on June 24, 2013; Iroquois Park Sports Centre, Whitby Civic Recreation Complex and Brooklin Community Centre & Library. Note that every rider needs a ticket. Ticket prices and times are as follows:

Lake Sails: Saturday July 27

  1. 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
  2. 1:45 pm - 3:15 pm
  3. 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
  4. 5:15 pm - 6:45 pm
Adults: 13 years and older - $12 in advance, $15 event day
Child: 4 to 12 years old - $6 in advance, $8 event day
Children 3 years old and under - are free but must have a ticket

Dinner Sail: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

  • All passengers: $60 in advance, $75 event day

Live Entertainment

Whitby Idols
Bruce Gorrie Jazz Quartet
PRJ Blues Band
Terry Blankley - Mix of blues, funk and jazz
JJ Shiplett - CCR to The Boss.
Charles Street Band - Mix of Rock , country and soul

Just for Kids

Enjoy free activities for kids including; games, jumping castles, face painting, balloon bender and Station Gallery art activities. Visit community displays. Learn about water safety with the Whitby Fire Department and Town of Whitby Aquatics Staff.

Whitby Kids Duathlon

Our first Whitby Duathlon as part of Harbour Day operated by Courtice Kids Duathlon
This Run-Bike Run event is open to children ages 3-15. Starting at 9:00 a.m. based right beside Heydenshore Pavilion and the Whitby water front trail. Call 289-276-0491 to register or visit

Thanks to our sponsors

  • Dentistry on Dundas
  • Whitby Toyota Scion
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Whitby Hydro
  • Whitby This Week
  • Durham Radio
  • Rogers TV
  • Metrolinks
  • McTeague Electric
  • Whitby Yacht Club
For more information click here
Phone: 905.430.4310
TTY. 905.430.1942
Toronto Line: 905.686.2621
Fax: 905.668.5933

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Small treatment creates BIG results!

Penny underwent a few small dental treatments to achieve her new smile. This included teeth bleaching, two new anterior crowns and cosmetic bonding.

Why was Penny a good candidate for these procedures?
Penny was a great candidate for her transformation. She was actually an extremely apprehensive patient that was nervous about most routine dental visits. Once she understood how standard the procedures were and how relatively quick they would be completed, she became more relaxed with each visit. She realized that a drastic result could be attained with ease, thus, a great case!

How did you develop a plan for treating Penny's concerns?
In this particular case, during the initial examination, it was determined that a cleaning, some fillings and whitening were required before the front crowns were done.The first four appointments addressed the fillings and cleaning. These "easy" appointments were important to gradually help the patient relax with each session, and to create a healthy oral  environment. The whitening was done at home at  by the patient at their convienience. All it took to change the front teeth were the last two appointments. 
                       Before                                                                             After
Is there an ideal candidate for these procedures?
The ideal candidate for these procedures, or any for that matter, is a motivated individual who is committed to improving their oral care and esthetics. Everyone and every case is different. It may be few or many appoinments, however, there are always options where most issues can be addressed and improved upon. No matter how busy, the treatment can always be accomodated  to any schedule.
Are there any at-home steps patients should follow after procedures like these?
It is extremely important to maintain the health of any new restorations such as these crowns that were done on this patient. Home care and follow up cleanings are essential. Oral hygene instruction are reviewed and often, the patient is sent home with some special cleaning tools. Occasionally, a patient is asked to return one week later after a "large" case with many crowns, for example. This is to ensure the patient is satisfied, comfortable, and the tissues are forming to the new restorations appropriately.

Treatment provided by Dr. Michele Lanys at Dentistry on Dundas

Jonathan Mursic RDT, President of 5 Axis Dental     


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Patient had full mouth reconstruction which included periodontal therapy, 21 crowns and 2 bridges.


1. How did you develop a plan for treating this patient's concerns? 
In all cases like this it is important to listen to the patient's concerns.  Our goal is always to try to create a beautiful smile that functions well for the patient.  So listen, listen, listen, plan, plan, plan and execute.



2. Was his treatment out of the ordinary?  
Our Patient had extensive wear through many years of grinding which led to a collapsed bite.  If we did not address this problem before our final restorations were inserted, our restorations would be doomed to fail.  So we placed the patient in provisional crowns and bridges for many months.  Once we had determined the bruxism was not destroying our temporary work and the patient was comfortable, we could proceed to the final restorations. In addition, we made the patient a protective appliance called a nightguard to keep any grinding habits at bay should they return.



3. How long did his transformation take?  

The patient was able to see results immediately as the provisionals created an instantly pleasing smile.  The final restorations were delayed for almost a year to allow for the patient to feel comfortable and to allow for his schedule.

4. Are there any at-home steps patients should follow after procedures like these?

There is a lot of effort by the patient and the dental team in these cases.  In addition there is sometimes considerable expense to the patient.  It is therefore imperative that the patient protects his investment.  We always stress meticulous home care including a good quality electric toothbrush, flossing, special toothpastes and oral care products.  

In addition, the frequency of oral examinations and cleanings is tailored to the patients needs. Finally, a nightguard is fabricated to protect the dental work while the patient sleeps.


 Treatment provided by:

Jonathan Mursic RDT,                                                 Connie
President of 5 Axis Dental                                  Treatment Coordinator


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Martine's smile makeover!

Martine underwent several months of dental treatment to achieve her new smile. This included several root canals, surgical crown lengthening of upper anteriors, full crowns on all upper teeth and 5 dental implants to replace missing teeth in her lower jaw.

Why was Martine a good candidate for these procedures?

Martine was a good candidate because she was motivated. She understood that she would get immediate temporary results but the final permanent restorations were highly technique sensitive and would require several months to achieve.


                      Before                                                                         After

How did you develop a plan for treating Martine's concerns?

Although Martine’s initial concern was the overall appearance of her smile, we had to make sure that a beautiful smile starts with function. After all, she needs to be comfortable eating. Treatment plans always start with the evaluation of the supporting structures, the bone and the gums. These form the foundation of a long lasting result. Once the gums, bone and the bite have past the test, a smile can be constructed that is natural and beautiful. In the mean time we were able to get Martine back her smile immediately with a temporary restoration that we could use to develop her long lasting smile.

Was her treatment out of the ordinary?

Absolutely! Although we are not strangers to complex cases such as Martine’s, each case of this magnitude has it’s own challenges. Any treatment that takes several months requires several disciplines in dentistry. In this case, the expertise of several specialists was called into play so the coordination of Martine’s primary care dentist was very important. This is made easier when all of the specialists are housed under one roof as they are at Dentistry on Dundas.

How long did Martine's transformation take?

The initial transformation was almost immediate but several treatments were required over a year period till we could reach our final goals.

What steps do these procedures involve?

Treatment planning, Treatment planning, Treatment planning! …..followed by a series of logical treatment steps keeping in mind that twists and turns may arise that require adaption and flexibility.

                 Before                                                                               After

Is there an ideal candidate for these procedures?

Martine and patients like her that are motivated are ideal for this type of treatment. They understand the insurance plans do not dictate what treatment is required, the patient and their dental health does.

Are there any at-home steps patients should follow after procedures like these?
As with anything manmade, how you take care of it plays a huge factor on any restorations longevity. After all, Gods work didn’t last forever either. So home care, regular visits to the dental office, paying attention to small problems quickly as they arise and protecting the restorations at night through use of a nightguard will go along way to extending the life and beauty of the smile we have created.
Treatment provided by Dr. Mark Librach and Specialists at Dentistry on Dundas
Dr. Jon Rapp                                        Dr. Chris Chen                                  Dr. Dana Levy  Endodontist                                          Oral Surgeon                                     Periodontist
Jonathan Mursic RDT,                                                      Connie
President of 5 Axis Dental                                         Treatment Coordinator