Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jim's Dental Makeover

Jim underwent dental treatment at Dentistry on Dundas to achieve his new smile, which included a new anterior bridge.


1) Why was Jim a good candidate for these procedures?

Jim was an excellent candidate for a porcelain bridge replacing the upper two anterior incisors.
He had a removable denture for many years which served him well. At this point of his life, he was ready to have something that felt and looked more natural. His biting forces were not excessive in this area as well, rendering it an excellent position for a bridge.
2) How did you develop a plan for treating Jim's concerns?

Jim wanted an alternative restoration to replace his anterior teeth for quite some time. He wanted something more comfortable and more "natural" looking. Many options were discussed, including implants. After considering timing and finances, he chose a fixed bridge.


4) How long did the transformation take?

It was simply two appointments. The first was 90 minutes, the second was 45 minutes.

5) What steps do these procedures involve?

During the first appointment, the patient is given a small amount of local anesthetic. The teeth are prepared and scanned with a special computer to create a model whereby the bridge is made. He leaves the first appointment with temporary restorations on the prepared teeth. At the next and final appointment, the bridge is permanently cemented with no anesthetic.
7) Are there any at-home steps Jim should follow after procedures like these?

Jim should practice excellent oral hygiene and visit the dental office for regular follow up recall cleaning appointments. For this particular bridge, as any, the patient is shown how to clean and floss with a special floss threader required for bridge work.

Treatment Completed by Dr. Michelle Lanys