Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dental Implant Marketing: Truth vs Fallacy

We are all inundated every day with advertising and product placements for virtually everything that surrounds us. This includes as well marketing in the dental field which is directed to the public.
One of the treatment option we suggest, as Periodontists, are dental implants for replacing missing teeth. Today they are the best treatment option for single or multiple missing teeth.

From the moment that my patient is contemplating the possibility of replacing his/her missing tooth or teeth with implants, it is a very complex and well thought out process which includes: a thorough oral examination, digital X-rays, providing a comprehensive oral and periodontal exam, discussion of function (chewing and speech), discussion of aesthetics, and of course discussion of alternate treatment options. Within this framework I have to listen to the patient's desires and what are the long term goals and objectives when it comes to oral rehabilitation. Implant treatment carries as well a significant commitment on behalf of the patient, as long term maintenance is imperative for success.

Having said all of this, patients can be very confused by the myriad of treatment plans they receive when they are " shopping" for a general dentist, periodontist or surgeon that will deliver the implants and the prosthetic treatment that they are ultimately looking for. As part of our patient's education, I always stress the importance of comparing apples to apples, making sure that they are given the absolute best treatment care as well as making sure that all the preliminary steps have been taken in order to achieve maximum success and beautiful results.

I would like to direct you to this excellent blog post (see below) which shows how implant treatment plans can vary and how deceiving it can be if we don't really know what is being offered. Cost variation is extreme and can be misleading and it reinforces the fact that not every treatment plan is equal and / or as comprehensive as the next one.

As long as our patients understand how dedicated we are and the time commitment which we invest is crucial in obtaining optimal results, then I feel that we have given the best service to our patients.

Please take a moment to read an excellent blog from an Oral Surgeon in the US click here for link.

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