Monday, December 20, 2010

Dr. Librach's analogy between skiing and being a dentist.

I’m sitting at my desk on the first cold day in December looking out
on the snow-covered grass of my home in Toronto. Although, as many of
you know, I love the sport of skiing, I am not so in love with the
cold weather that accompanies it. I do however tolerate the low
temperatures when there is a mountain to conquer. There is an
exhilaration caused by the speed in this sport that I have trouble
matching in anything else I do. As I negotiate turns through a
midfield of moguls and arrive at the end of a run that could last as
long as 45 minutes, I can think of nothing else but the perils that
lie just around the next build up of snow. The next turn is all that
matters. It’s all you can think about at that moment or risk the
unthinkable. And when I reach the end of that long grueling trail and
I turn around and see another skier, a dot on the slopes up above, I
realize what I have done and I feel great.
I have a similar passion for dentistry. Concentrating on my patients’
needs and the creation of great smiles means for a time you can think
of nothing else. And when the treatment is complete and the patient
smiles its like looking back on that mountain and knowing you have
accomplished something great.

Mark Librach

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do you Snore?

Snoring could be a bigger problem than you think. It isn't just an noisy nuisance that disturbs both sufferers and their families, it is a disruption that can contribute to fatigue. It can leave the sufferer to fell tired, drowsy and inappropriately sleepy. The most important factor is that prolonged effects of lack of sleep can lead to slowed responses, memory problems, difficultly in paying attention and concentrating, which can all affect performance at the work place.

Dr. Steven Millman, DDS

When snoring is so loud that it disturbs the sleep of the snorers and their families, it may be a sign of a related condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

So what would be recommended? Firstly, determine if you have Sleep Apnea by booking an appointment with a sleep centre. Here they will monitor you sleep patterns to conclude an accurate diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, you can consider the CPAP machine. While Continuous Positive Airway Pressure has long been considered the gold standard of care for sleep disordered breathing, patients find its use difficult and seek alternate treatments. One of these treatments is the Oral Appliance Therapy.

This oral appliance is a small plastic device similar to an orthodontic retainer or an athletic mouthguard. This airway orthotic is worn in the mouth during sleep to prevent the soft throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing the airway. Dentists with training in oral appliance therapy, such as myself, can construct and fit these appliances to meet their patients individual needs. By bringing the the lower jaw forward, the tongue is held off the back of the throat, which increases the airway size. This allows more air to flow freely while you sleep.

If you have any further questions or wish to book an appointment with me, please do not hesitate to call our office at 905-666-1555.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dentistry on Dundas 2010 Scholarship Recipients are in!

Dentistry on Dundas gives back to the Community!

The dentists and staff at Dentistry on Dundas would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the recipients of the 2010 Dentistry on Dundas Scholarship Award.

For the past 12 years each scholarship, worth $500, was awarded to one student from each Whitby area high school. The scholarship is awarded to the student with the highest marks in math and sciences, with the condition the student is registered into a University Program the proceeding year. You can also check out the news in Snap magazine!

Congratulations to the following students!

Father Leo. J. Austin
Rick Buczynski

Sinclair Secondary
Francis Choi

Anderson C.V.I.
David Skinner

Henry St. Highschool
Katherine Ibsen

EcoleCatholique ST-Charles Garnier
Justin Babin & Cristina Lessard

All Saints Catholic Secondary

Matthew Sangoi

Donald A Wilson
Tanvi Medhekar

Monday, November 1, 2010

Voted Best Dental Office in the Oshawa/Whitby Reader's Choice Award.

Thank you for voting us Best Dental office 10 years in a row.
Dentistry on Dundas Creating Great Smiles for a Great Community!

We are the proud recipients of the Diamond Award in the Best Dental Office category!

And Congratulations to Dr. Librach for his Platinum Win in the Best Dentist Category!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dr. Lanys interview on Bizymoms website.

An Interview with Dr. Michelle Lanys on Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Michelle Lanys is a dentist and has answered some of the common questions Bizymoms visitors have about Dental Crowns and Bridges.

Q. What are dental crowns and tooth bridges?

A. A crown or "cap" is a type of restoration that is cemented entirely onto an existing tooth. They are made of metal, porcelain or a combination of the two and are very strong. The tooth is slightly reduced approximately 1.5mm around the periphery ending at, or just below the gum line so there is room to place it within the bite. Crowns are necessary to build the tooth to its natural tooth structure and strength, and in turn, improve the cosmetic appearance of the tooth. Bridges are based on the same principle; only they replace one or more teeth by attaching the missing teeth to the adjacent crowns in one unit.

Q. Why do crowns fail?

A. There are a number of reasons why crowns might fail. There could be excessive forces, fractures and recurrent decay to name a few, which means good oral hygiene is essential.

Q. How are crowns and bridges made?

A. Crowns and bridges are physically made in a laboratory. The reduction procedure is done at the dental office by the dentist. There is then a special impression or a digital scan that is done which is sent to the lab and the restoration is sent back in approximately 1-2 weeks. In the meantime the teeth are covered by a temporary crown/bridge. It’s important to be very careful during this time with certain hard or sticky foods.

Q. How long do crowns and bridges last?

A. Crowns usually last approximately 5-15 years. This often depends on many factors, such as good oral hygiene and keeping regulars dental check-ups.

Q. Is the procedure painful?

A. Our goal is to always ensure patient comfort. These procedures should be pain free with dental freezing.

Q. How do I take care of my dental crowns and bridges?

A. Excellent oral hygiene will help improve the longevity of any restoration. With the crown or bridge, there is an extra area of plaque attraction where the material meets the tooth. It is important to pay extra attention to these areas. The dentist will educate the patient on the various oral hygiene aids to assist in improving care in the more challenging areas.

Q. Are the non-metal crowns as strong as metal crowns?

A. Dental crowns and bridges are excellent solutions in restoring teeth in the necessary situations. Today, the non-metal crowns are, for the most part, as strong as metal crowns.

Q. How to contact Dr. Lanys if we have further questions?

A. Dr. Michelle Lanys
107 Dundas Street East
Whitby, Ontario
L1N 2H6
905-666-1555, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whitby Harbuour Days! 2010

Connie, Doug Blakley and Mark

Rain or shine, the Town of Whitby knows how to celebrate summer! And what says summer like Durham's largest waterfront festival - Whitby Harbour Days. It is a summer celebration of Whitby's historic harbour and a weekend of fun for the whole family. The event was a great way to explore Whitby's harbour facilities including Port Whitby Marina, Whitby Yacht Club, James Rowe House and the Lions Promenade and Waterfront Trail. Everyone enjoyed free activities and live entertainment, displays by a variety of vendors and artisans and the incredible performance by Duma the Water Skiing Dog! The night ended with a boat show with each dressed from bow to stern in lights and a most spectacular Fireworks display by Dentistry on Dundas. Way to go, Whitby! You showed that rainy weekend that nothing stops this town from having a great time! To see more photo's Click Here

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Before and After Invisalign

See what invisalign can do for you!
Treatment by Dr. Mark Librach


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Facebook Contest Winner!

We would like to congratulate Joan Todd, Winner of our Facebook Contest! Thank you to all who participated!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dentistry on Dundas Facebook Contest!

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Complimentary examination is required to determine eligibility. Click Here to post your comment!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome Dr. Jonathan Rapp - Endodontist

Welcoming New Patients!

We would like to introduce our newest team member, Dr. Jonathan Rapp, Endodontist.

Dr. Rapp is an Endodontist who specializes in root canals. Originally from Montreal, he graduated with distinction from McGill University with a major in Anatomy and Cell Biology and a minor in Psychology. In 2001, Dr. Rapp obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery from The University of Toronto. Upon graduation he was awarded the Edward G Dore Award. After seven years in private practice, Dr. Rapp re-entered academics and attended Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale to complete a two year specialty in Endodontics and was the recipient of The Dr. Robert Uchin Award.
Dr. Rapp is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, a member of The American Association of Endodontists and will be joining the faculty of endodontics at The University of Toronto. His research on instrument wear has been presently at several conferences. In his spare time, he enjoys all sports, traveling and a relaxing book. It wasn’t easy to leave the sun and beach but Dr. Rapp is excited to return to Toronto and join Dentistry on Dundas. To request an appointment click here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Online Payment Now Available!

Online Banking now available! You can now pay your account from the comfort of your your home! Just add Dentistry on Dundas to your payee's list and input your account number found on your statement. It's that simple!

For more on Dentistry on Dundas Click here to read our latest newsletter