Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Gift!

Today is a special day, very special for some more than others. For my teenage daughter, it will be one to remember forever: finally her braces are coming off!
After 2 long years of brushing vigorously with an electric toothbrush, going through floss and picks like there's no tomorrow, having her teeth cleaned professionally every 4 months, she feels vindicated, ecstatic and thrilled to say the least! As a proud mom, who happens to be a Periodontist, she's been a trooper of a patient.
For her, it means getting back to gum chewing (sugar free of course), having hard candy from time to time, and not having to think twice about what goes in her mouth just in case she can't get it out. And yes, her photos will be now be with a huge grin on her face.

For all of you, who have teenagers with braces or are simply adults who finally had the chance to have your own teeth straightened and achieve that beautiful smile you've always wanted, your Dentist or Orthodontist should always be encouraging of having healthy gums. A solid foundation for a all that tooth movement and perfect bite. This can only be achieved by the combination of proper home care, frequent visits for professional cleanings (as its impossible to do it exclusively at home with all that hardware in your mouth) and of course, following instructions to the "t" from your dentist/orthodontist.

It's a milestone, for her and for all of us who know it takes a lot of effort and commitment to achieve beautiful results.
So, for all of you out there, I wish a plaque-free, braces free, chocolaty, sweet Valentines Day!!! To read more
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Twenty years in practice!

As I enter my 20th year of practice as a Periodontist, its incredible to see how technological advances have improved the way we practice and also the great outcomes we achieve. Having said this, the way we communicate with our patients individually and the dental community as a whole has opened up a world of possibilities to educate ourselves and also our patients with important issues that really matter and affect us as individuals. Through Social Media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, the world is literally at our fingers, thus, we are further exposed to the possibility of "reaching out" and become a strong voice for our profession. This will mark my first entry as a "blogger" , as a Periodontist who wants the rest of you, out there, to learn a bit more about interesting health issues which affect us all and are an important part of maintaining our overall health.

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