Monday, December 20, 2010

Dr. Librach's analogy between skiing and being a dentist.

I’m sitting at my desk on the first cold day in December looking out
on the snow-covered grass of my home in Toronto. Although, as many of
you know, I love the sport of skiing, I am not so in love with the
cold weather that accompanies it. I do however tolerate the low
temperatures when there is a mountain to conquer. There is an
exhilaration caused by the speed in this sport that I have trouble
matching in anything else I do. As I negotiate turns through a
midfield of moguls and arrive at the end of a run that could last as
long as 45 minutes, I can think of nothing else but the perils that
lie just around the next build up of snow. The next turn is all that
matters. It’s all you can think about at that moment or risk the
unthinkable. And when I reach the end of that long grueling trail and
I turn around and see another skier, a dot on the slopes up above, I
realize what I have done and I feel great.
I have a similar passion for dentistry. Concentrating on my patients’
needs and the creation of great smiles means for a time you can think
of nothing else. And when the treatment is complete and the patient
smiles its like looking back on that mountain and knowing you have
accomplished something great.

Mark Librach

Wednesday, December 15, 2010