Thursday, May 5, 2011

Implant Dentistry Day One

Dr. Levy, Periodontist at the Piezoelectric Bone Surgery

International Symposium May 5 to 7, 2011

Having the opportunity to come to Lugano, one of the most beautiful towns in the Italian Swiss alps, only enhances my excitement over the fact that we, at Dentistry on Dundas, are at the cutting edge of surgical technology (among others!). In essence, what dental implants were 30 years ago (first North American conference was in our own Toronto), ultrasonic piezosurgery is today leading the way in greater dental implant surgery.

Ultrasonic Piezosurgery is just another very high tech name for a very cool machine that instead of using drills to open holes in the bone before putting the impant in, it actually uses special diamond coated 'inserts' that go at an extremely fast speed (compare a smart car to a formula one car). So, this speed is so fast, that it causes 'waves' at more than 30.000 per second, wow! So, with lots of water, there is barely any heat on the bone, and its so precise! For those that have narrow bone or very soft bone, its just the ideal new way for having implants done!

As learned today, my first day in this three day conference, we can place implants with far less swelling, much more precision and far greater initial and long-term stability than what can be achieved with our regular implant drills.

I'm excited for our future and also keen to use this in our office for all our implant patients. Stay tuned for day #2!!!


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