Sunday, May 8, 2011

Implant Dentistry Day Two

A Revolutionary Technique for Minimally Invasive Implant Surgery.

 To all my esteemed colleagues at Dentistry on Dundas and our great patients, I have to say that it has been an excellent and productive day! Not only is the glorious weather helping out, and the beautiful flower beds remind us of what is to come once spring finally arrives, the program today really made my trip all the more worthwhile.

I had the chance of attending a workshop which was hands-on and given by two of the most respected Oral Surgeons in Italy. The workshop allowed me to practice in a pig's jaw (I know, sounds gross but its the way we all learn) the way that our machine inserts work when opening up the holes before placing an implant. Its so precise and smooth that its incredible how little pressure we need to use for the bone to be ready. Its exciting to have this technology available in our office. Also, one of the most important reasons why this machine is so cool to use, is the fact that it doesn't cut soft tissue (such as a nerve or a sinus membrane). So, when the bone is too short either in the upper jaw or lower jaw, we can safely use it to prepare the sinus for an implant placement, or, when we are close to the nerve in the lower jaw, there's no risk of doing any nerve damage (especially if we continue with our very diligent efforts to prepare our patients with the right xrays).

Tomorrow, I look forward as well to a new technique which will allow to use this machine to prepare our patients who will have braces in order to speed up the process of their treatment and save up to 6 months of treatment. An exciting development I really look forward to learning about.

I leave you as well with a beautiful vista of Lugano. To learn more about Dr. Levy Click here

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