Thursday, November 21, 2013

Laurie's Dental Makeover!

Laurie underwent a few small dental treatments to achieve her new smile. This included teeth bleaching, surgical crown lengthening of upper anteriors and two crowns on her centrals.


Before                                                           After

Here what she had to say about her experience at
Dentistry on Dundas!
What made you decide to undergo these procedures?
I was embarrassed to smile. This was primarily due to the crown on my right front tooth; it was beginning to show some of its metal near the gum line. When I smiled too big, it would show.
Why did you choose Dentistry on Dundas/ Dr. Lanys?
I have been coming to Dentistry on Dundas and seeing Dr. Lanys for over 10 years. She is always very professional, understanding and I felt confident in her work.
What were your procedures like?
The first step was to whitening my teeth. Due to genetics, my family's teeth yellow with age. I felt like they were aging me and if I didn't get the whitening done before the front teeth were crowned it would no longer be an option in the future as they would continue to darken. Next we removed the old crown and Dr. Levy skillfully contoured my gum above my right crown to match the contours of the left front tooth. It had not developed in the same way as the other tooth, possible as a result of having a crown for so many years (I was 8 when I first chipped my front right tooth). I was stressed about the procedure going in, but Dr. Levy was so friendly and so reassuring throughout the procedure; I couldn't believe how easy it was. The aftermath was surprising too. I expected to be sore for a long time, but I really had minimal pain for only about a week. The last step was to crown my two front teeth to match. To get the colour perfect, Dr. Lanys sent me to her nearby lab (5 Axis) to have the colour matched to my newly whitened natural teeth. After that I returned to the office to have them permanently placed. Dr. Lanys takes great care to get good results. I really respect and appreciate that.
How do you feel about your results?
I am very happy with my results. I no longer hesitate to smile!
Treatment provided by Dr. Michelle Lanys Dentist
and Dr. Dana Levy Periodontist


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