Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Martin's Dental Makeover

Martin underwent dental treatment to achieve his new smile, which included orthodontics, 6 anterior crowns and bonding of his lower anterior teeth.

What were Martin's initial concerns, and what was your plan for addressing them?

Martin's teeth were badly broken down.  Through many years of wear and tear from grinding, Martin's teeth were now wider than they were long.
Martin hated his smile or the lack of it.  He had to really try hard to show any teeth at all and what he could show were not aesthetically pleasing.
Since Martin's teeth were edge to edge with no overlap, just placing new crowns or veneers were impossible.  Something had to be done to get some space between his incisors.

What procedures did you perform and why?
In order to get some space we had to use orthodontics to move teeth.
Instead of standard braces we used invisalign to open the bite to accommodate the crowns he would need from canine to canine.  This took about two years to accomplish.
We used bonding along the way to mock up his teeth to a comfortable bite and aesthetically pleasing position.  Once Martin was comfortable, his final crowns were placed.
The results are spectacular!!

  Dr. Mark Librach - Dentist

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